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Why more and more German companies are turning to German cloud providers

In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in Germany’s cloud computing landscape. More and more German companies are choosing to migrate their data and applications to German clouds instead of relying on the large US hyperscalers. This change is the result of a growing demand for security, data protection and local data sovereignty. In this blog article, we will highlight the advantages that a German cloud provider offers compared to the global players.

1.Data protection and security
Protecting sensitive corporate data is of paramount importance to German companies. By using a German cloud infrastructure, they can ensure that their data complies with strict German and European data protection regulations. The DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) sets out clear guidelines for handling personal data and German cloud providers are obliged to comply with them. In the event of a data breach or security incident, German companies also have easier access to legal action and can resort to local jurisdiction.

2. Local data sovereignty
Control over corporate data is an essential aspect for many businesses. By choosing a German cloud provider, companies retain control over their data within national borders. In comparison, data stored in foreign clouds may be subject to different legal frameworks and may be accessible to foreign authorities. By moving to a German cloud, companies retain full control over their data and can ensure that it is only used in accordance with their own policies and regulations.

3. Proximity to the provider and individual serviceAnother advantage of working with a German cloud provider is the proximity to the service provider. German companies appreciate the direct contact and personal service they are offered. Compared to the large US hyperscalers, where customer support is often handled across different time zones and countries, German cloud providers often offer a more individual service. This allows for a faster response to problems or requests and a customised solution that meets the specific needs of the company.

4. Trust and reputation

German cloud providers have the advantage of enjoying the trust of German companies. Adherence to strict standards and compliance with local requirements have led to a positive reputation. Companies that choose a German cloud provider can draw on the experience of other companies in the region and benefit from their best practices. Confidence in the security and reliability of a German cloud provider is a crucial factor when choosing a cloud partner.


Choosing a German cloud provider offers numerous advantages for German companies. Data protection, security and local data sovereignty are key aspects that German cloud providers can fulfil better than the large US hyperscalers. The proximity to the provider and the individual service create a higher level of trust and satisfaction. The rising popularity of German cloud solutions shows that companies are increasingly relying on a cloud infrastructure that meets their specific requirements and at the same time complies with German and European data protection standards.

FlexCompute Cloud from weSystems: A German cloud solution with outstanding service

When it comes to choosing a trusted German cloud provider, weSystems is a great option. weSystems is a German cloud provider based in Munich that stands out for its high quality, reliability and focus on the individual needs of its customers. With the FlexCompute Cloud, weSystems has developed a solution based on Apache Cloudstack that offers German companies an excellent cloud infrastructure. With the individual service, customers can be sure that their cloud requirements are optimally met.

Choose weSystems and experience the benefits of a German cloud solution!

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