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More than just cloud: weSystems as a trailblazer for progress

In a world where cloud technology has revolutionized the way companies manage their IT infrastructures, features, automation and seamless connectivity have become key enablers. In this blog post, we will look at our Apache CloudStack-based weSystems Cloud (“FlexCompute Cloud”; FCC for short) and take a closer look at the opportunities for automation and the technological connectivity options.

The weSystems Cloud is based on an open source cloud management platform that offers companies the opportunity to create, manage and scale private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures as part of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). weSystems offers an extremely clear user interface (GUI) that requires no platform expertise and a wide range of functions to simplify the management of virtual machines, networks and storage resources.

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We believe that you should automate everything you touch more than twice.

Opportunity for automation

Comprehensive user interface

FlexCompute Cloud enables the creation of self-service portals through which users can automatically provision and manage resources. This reduces the workload of IT staff and enables end users to quickly access the resources they need.

Automated scaling

weSystems Cloud has automatic scaling capabilities that can adapt to changing workload requirements. This enables companies to optimize costs while maintaining performance.


FCC offers comprehensive orchestration capabilities to automate complex tasks and workflows. This is particularly useful when deploying applications, configuring networks or backing up data.

API integration

weSystems Cloud has a RESTful API that gives developers access to all of the platform’s functions. This facilitates integration into existing applications and the automation of processes.

Fig.: Illustration of the weSystems Cloud interface

Features & technological possibilities:

Hypervisor support

weSystems Cloud supports various hypervisors, including VMware, KVM, Citrix XenServer and Hyper-V. This allows companies to seamlessly integrate existing virtualization solutions into their cloud infrastructure.


weSystems enables all deployments with common DevOps tools, such as Terraform, Ansible or Cloud-init.

Comprehensive user interface

FCC provides a feature-rich, out-of-the-box user interface implemented on the CloudStack API to manage the cloud infrastructure. It is a fully AJAX-based solution that is compatible with most current internet browsers.

Network connectivity

Our cloud enables the creation and management of complex virtual networks that meet the requirements of your applications. This includes VXLANs, load balancing, firewall rules and IPsec VPN connections. You also have the option of assigning an entire VLAN to a specific account for MPLS support between network nodes. The administrator can put together network offers with different network behavior.

Simple image creation

The user interface allows you to easily create predefined templates for the efficient provisioning of virtual machines. Templates can be created by attaching a guest operating system ISO to an empty VM or directly from existing VMs in the cloud.

Storage integration

weSystems Cloud supports many storage solutions, with iSCSI and NFS being preferred, but anything that can be mounted from multiple nodes simultaneously will work. Ceph RBD is also supported in combination with the KVM hypervisor. This gives you the ultimate freedom when deciding on your storage servers, from using standard hardware to integrating with enterprise-class solutions such as Dell EqualLogic or NetApp.

Snapshot Management

To mitigate data loss and disaster recovery, users can either take ad hoc snapshots of their disks or set up a comprehensive schedule to take regular snapshots of their data. Authorized users can limit the number of snapshots to create new volumes from existing snapshots.

Multi-cloud support

weSystems enables the management of both private and public clouds, which opens up the possibility of creating hybrid cloud solutions.


weSystems Cloud offers companies an outstanding opportunity to automate and effectively manage their cloud infrastructures. The combination of automation and technological connectivity makes FlexCompute Cloud an essential platform for organizations looking for scalability, efficiency and agility in their IT infrastructure.

If you are looking towards a more automated and connected future in cloud technology, weSystems Cloud is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Use this platform to seize the opportunities of automation and seamlessly connect your cloud infrastructure with different technologies. Together we can create a more efficient and agile cloud world.

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More than just cloud: weSystems as a trailblazer for progress

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