FlexVoice Contact Center

Highest customer satisfaction through contact center

Nothing beats satisfied customers and employees. The time factor is more important than ever. Our samwin Contact Center solution ensures that it is used optimally.


FlexVoice Contact Center

It's not just about providing customers with as many contact channels as possible, but about connecting them holistically. The needs of your customers are the focus of the contact center. It is to be regarded as the direct interface to the customer and therefore as an important factor for the competitiveness of your company.

The contact center is the further development of the classic call center and an important element of the customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. It ensures that callers are connected to the right employee without wasting time and unnecessary forwarding.

The samwin Contact Center Suite enables a better customer journey and increases satisfaction. At the same time, it optimizes internal processes by allowing employees to handle cases quickly. weSystems and samwin have entered into a partnership because together we can offer you the best solution.

samwin is one of the best and most versatile contact center solutions available today. It combines telephony and innovation in an unprecedented way. Numerous functions and features open up new possibilities for perfect customer care.

That's why you should read on

  • Excellent customer service as a real competitive advantag
  • High customer satisfaction and strengthening of customer loyalty
  • Central collection and consolidation of all data of the customer journe
  • Integration of all communication channels, data and systems, e.g. Microsoft Teams, CRM, ERP, etc. in one interface
  • Seamless customer support via preferred channels
  • Consistently high service quality on all channels
  • Contact center with integrated attendant workstation
  • Extensive reporting and real-time information
  • Freely configurable interface in brick-based design
  • Calendar and presence integration
  • Multi-customer and multi-PBX support
  • Extendable at any time with platforms from other manufacturers

One interface for all communication channels

Telephone mediation still plays a major role. Customers use all common media channels for contacting, such as voice, chat, email, video, fax, social media, etc. The rapidly evolving market is crying out for solutions that are increasingly characterized by flexibility, dynamism and customer interaction.

The solution is samwin.

The flexible contact center application brings these media channels together in a single platform and enables a holistic view of corporate communications. It integrates existing isolated applications and creates synergies - dynamic, fast & flexible.

The application possibilities include

  • simple call center and contact center scenarios
  • complex, process-oriented enterprise communication solutions
  • attendant workstation solutions

In addition to the usual standard performance functions, samwin primarily maps many special functions:

  • Callbacks
  • VIP lists
  • professional alerting scenarios
  • modular web client

samwin is the perfect tool that fully integrates into customer processes.

Why companies choose samwin Contact Center

Stronger appreciation of your customers

samwin enables employees to interact in an extremely professional manner through a wide variety of clearly presented information and functions in just one platform. This makes you even more efficient and quicker to reach your customers.

Increased productivity and efficiency

  • With Samwin Contact Center your employees handle more requests in less time and with higher efficiency
  • We fully customize the solution to your processes and requirements
  • With samwin we offer the user a mobile client as well as the web-based solution WA2, i.e. via WebRTC - without the need for a VPN connection
  • Previously defined persons, such as team leaders, have access to additional support tools and control options
  • Supplementation of the switchboard with functions such as IVR channels, real-time displays, reporting or training modes

Microsoft Teams Integration

samwin is not another isolated solution, e.g. Microsoft Teams is one of many platforms that is already fully integrated in the samwin Contact Center Suite.

High flexibility and scalability

A cloud-based platform with the great advantage of flexible, global scaling. This allows you to respond quickly to changes in the business and connect new locations and employees around the world without much effort. So you create location independence and continue to deliver a great customer experience.

Cost savings

  • Low costs due to the cloud-based contact center solution
  • always up to date with the latest versions and functions without personnel and monetary expenditure

Reporting & real time

The integrated reporting service provides real-time control and overview of your contact center's key performance indicators.

  • Even large amounts of data are evaluated with high performance
  • Reports with real-time graphics based on Grafana for
    • Agents
    • Managers
    • Team leaders

CRM & ERP Integrations

Open interfaces and numerous integration options of systems, such as CRM, ERP, ticket system, presence or calendar play an important role make samwin an efficient contact center solution. Special scripts enable innovative interactions with the systems. Thus, samwin creates a deep integration into the corporate environment.

Manufacturer & platform independent

Another benefit is the compatibility with all modern platforms, e.g.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business
  • Cisco
  • Audiocodes
  • Avaya
  • Unify

samwin offers the possibility to connect several SIP-based telephone systems and various 3rd party solutions for additional requirements. These include, for example, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory and databases. This gives you the freedom to easily switch to a new telephone system at a later date.


Microsoft Teams is one of the most innovative platforms in the current UC environment and is often the set communication software in companies. With samwin, we complement your Microsoft Teams environment with classic attendant console functions. Vendor-neutral connectivity and the integration of the Microsoft Graph API guarantee an easy and future-proof use of the solution. Due to the direct connection of samwin to existing SIP gateways, Microsoft Teams can thus also be connected in parallel in connection with other systems. Handling and scope of services remain almost identical. Current and future migration paths to Microsoft Teams are fully supported.


With samwin Web Agent 2, users can select a wide variety of content from predefined modules and design the interface individually. The view can be filled with maximum flexibility in terms of position, content and size.

Do you have special requirements? We develop, package and migrate these quickly and efficiently in new building blocks, so-called bricks.


With the new Mobile Client for iOS and Android, samwin also thinks about those who are often on the road and still need to participate in call distribution. The Mobile Client allows users to do all things on the go, such as logging in or out of the contact center or for skills, setting their own availability, or storing a phone number to which calls should be forwarded.


As a samwin partner, we support you with a range of professional and excellent services. These include:

  • Consulting & Planning (Consulting)
  • Setup of the samwin solution in the cloud or on-premise (installation services)
  • Migration and connection of existing systems
  • Performance tests
  • Training and certification (Training)
  • Software development and customization (Development)
  • Multilingual helpdesk
  • Solution monitoring
  • Patching & security updates
  • Regular reports

Whether in the cloud, on-premise, in hybrid operation or with direct provider connections - the special focus is on the free design of your individual workstations.

As a personal partner at your side, we increase the satisfaction of your customers and employees and optimize your internal communication processes.

Let's talk about your contact center solution now.

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