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Nowadays, internet security plays a greater role than ever before.

We protect your digital processes and solutions: Nowadays, internet security plays a greater role than ever before. As much more companies operate online, as greater is the need to secure the network accordingly. With our DDoS Mitigation Service and our Managed Firewalls, we protect your business from cybercriminals and close your security gaps.

Our dedicated Internet Security Service offers you efficient protection against DDoS attacks around the clock, so we can counter hackers at any time. With our comprehensive FlexCompute Security services, we fend off threats and restore your company's security. For e-commerce providers in particular, this protection is a necessary life insurance policy to ensure that DDoS attacks do not lead to downtime and major revenue losses - a successful hacker attack there can ultimately lead to the withdrawal of the entire basis of business.

DDoS Mitigation Service

DDoS attacks are a comparatively simple and common method of attacking companies. They attempt to overload a website with a large flood of data, for example, to bring the host to its knees and thus disrupt or completely paralyse the service. Every year, companies lose millions of euros as a result of lost sales, customers migrating to competitors and loss of reputation.

We counteract this with our DDoS Mitigation Service: it immediately detects such critical data volumes, removes them and ensures smooth business operations. Depending on your requirements, we offer our service in "always on" or "on demand" mode. Your advantage: Our service is fully automated and is triggered within seconds as soon as the DDoS attack is detected.

The protection is integrated directly into your network, without detours via diversions or tunneling and without special IP requirements. The costs are always transparent: our DDoS Mitigation Service always costs the same amount per month, regardless of the number and extent of the incidents.

Managed Firewalls

Firewalls are used to protect business-critical data and are the first barrier against attacks. Nowadays, however, firewalls alone are no longer sufficient for protection and can even become a security risk themselves. With our Managed Firewall Service, we close this critical security gap without having to deploy expensive IT resources.

We take care of everything for you: from installation and configuration to daily maintenance of hardware and software components. We permanently monitor your network, update firmware and install security updates. Our IT experts are at your side at all times with remote support and advice and install necessary patches and updates so that you always work with the latest systems.

In this way, we protect your network with our Managed Firewall Service without you having to actively intervene.

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