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FlexStorage Backup

Nowerdays data is more important than ever as a resource for businesses. Like a kind of currency, it determines the value of a company and is the basis for its everyday processes. How important data actually is, however, often only becomes apparent when it is missing. Data loss can take away the entire basis of a company's business and paralyse processes from one moment to the next.

Although there is no 100% protection against data loss, there are ways to compensate for it quickly: Backups. Backups duplicate existing data and additionally store it in a different location. If we experience a data loss in the first instance, there is at least a second one we can fall back on. This enables us to restore it quickly and resume business operations.

A backup solution is as individual as your company: In order to be able to guarantee the greatest possible protection with the highest possible cost efficiency at the same time, we create an individual backup concept together with you that takes all your requirements and needs into account. The decisive factor is the question of the primary goal of the backup strategy.

A distinction can be made between the following objectives, among others:

  • Backup as a repository for the quick restoration of server systems (development servers, test servers, virtual machines...)
  • Backup of individual files for selective restoration at file level
  • Backup of running systems such as databases with data synchronisation
  • Backup as part of a business continuity plan for disaster recovery
  • Backup for short-term archiving of rapidly changing data
  • Backup for long-term archiving and storage
  • Backup of data from the cloud

The decision is yours

Depending on your individual needs, we can influence different factors for your backups with different measures: the backup speed, which determines how quickly backups of new data can be created, or the recovery time in which lost data is retrieved. Or the frequency with which backups are created.

These are all factors over which we can give you control with an individual concept that ideally takes into account the requirements of your business. Connected to the backup strategy can be a concept for the long-term archiving of your data, so that it can not only be restored in the short term in the event of data loss, but can still be accessed years later. Many companies, for example, are subject to a duty to retain certain data or would like to have access to it years later out of self-interest.

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