FlexStorage Performance

Performance redefined

Not all storage is the same. It is about much more.


FlexStorage Performance

Different applications require different storage technologies.

The applications determine which storage format is required. FlexStorage serves, among others, the three well-known storage types block, file and object storage (S3). In addition to fundamentally different technologies, it is necessary to adapt the right solution for the chosen application in such a way that either maximum performance is achieved or the best possible price is obtained. Storing data efficiently, cost-effectively and quickly is our claim. FlexStorage Performance is designed to do just that.

FlexStorage Performance is characterized by nested high availability with arbitrary scaling. FlexStorage uses Ceph technology with an intelligent management component to provide storage solutions that are both highly scalable and fail-safe. It is even possible to set up geo-redundant solutions across distributed data centers that are several hundred kilometers apart. Data can be stored and downloaded securely and quickly. Thanks to the use of high-performance components, we achieve low latencies and fast access times to the storage and your data. FlexStorage Performance is based on the two storage technologies block and file storage. Both types are used, for example, for the operation of virtual servers.

FlexStorage Performance is based on a flexible storage technology that serves the following storage protocols:

  • S3 (Object Storage)
  • ISCSI (Block Storage)
  • SMB (File Storage)
  • NFS (File Storage)
  • MDS (File Storage)

Fast scaling for every situation

We create a total solution for you that reduces costs by allocating high-performance central storage instead of installing dedicated storage for each compute node. At the same time, this allows you to scale up quickly if your storage requirements increase in the short term. We react quickly to changing requirements by providing you with additional data storage to meet your growth.

You always remain flexible: our solution can be easily combined with your hardware or with the cloud, for example. For you, this means that you have access to a state-of-the-art solution at all times - regardless of whether you want to manage it yourself or we do it for you.

Your individual needs and requirements determine how we put together an efficient storage solution for you. We develop storage solutions that are precisely tailored to your situation and offer you the best possible performance and security - so that you can access your data as quickly as possible at any time.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High-performance storage solution tailored to your individual needs
  • Enables rapid scaling for rapidly growing storage requirements
  • High level of security thanks to the option of redundant data storage
  • Different combination options with the cloud or your hardware
  • Flexible management by your staff or ours

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