FlexStorage Archive

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FlexStorage Archive

You want to archive your data securely - and with as little effort and cost as possible? We have various solutions for this, from which we can find the right one for you together. Regardless of whether we archive your data on tapes, in the cloud, in an online storage cluster or on your hardware: we guarantee its availability in the long term.

We have different ways of archiving your data. Which we choose depends on your individual requirements and wishes. They all offer different advantages and disadvantages, which is why a specific solution exclusively for your company is always recommended. Our team will explain the options to you in detail and work out an archiving solution together with you.

The following options are available for archiving:

  • on tapes
  • in an Online-Storage-Cluster
  • in the Cloud
  • on your dedicated Hardware

A wide range of archiving options

Archiving on tapes secures the data offline - which protects it from cyber-attacks. If they are archived online, on the other hand, faster access is possible. Or we can choose a tiered model where data is archived online first, so you can access it quickly, and then on tape later, for long-term protection. We will find an individual model that integrates ideally into your daily work routine.

Our archiving service also includes the use of archiving software. This makes it possible to index your data and create a register. This in turn makes it easier to restore them later or to explicitly delete them. In companies, the deletion of certain data, for example after ten years, may be mandatory. This in turn frees up data storage in the archive that can be used for new data - without increasing costs through additional storage.

We develop an archiving solution that is flexible and secure - and that suits you.

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