Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Prepared for emergencies

In a local or global emergency situation, your company must remain operational. To ensure this, we develop a strategy with business continuity plan that prevents significant interruptions to your operations and enables a rapid resumption of activity. This strategy is complemented by a disaster recovery plan that specifically addresses your IT processes. It ensures that your revenue-generating applications and data remain functional or can be restored in the event of an emergency.

Disaster recovery plan for the security of your data

Sometimes unforeseen events occur that can put mission-critical applications or data at risk: Fires, floods or other natural disasters can briefly disable and severely disrupt the data centre or the place where IT is managed. Or a cyber attack or the outbreak of a pandemic may occur.

Our strategy in three phases

For these situations, we work with you in three phases to develop a strategy to restore your operations as quickly as possible.

In the analysis phase, we work with you to identify the critical IT applications and data that are particularly worthy of protection and find out to what extent they could be affected by an exceptional situation. Here we prioritise your operational processes so that we can repair those that are particularly relevant to you first.

This is followed by the planning phase: here we develop concrete protocols and procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency in order to minimise the potential damage - such as a swift change of location or the restoration of IT. This is accompanied by concrete time planning and the integration of different tools that make the disaster recovery process possible.

Finally, the last phase is the test phase. To ensure that the disaster recovery plan is successfully implemented as soon as it becomes necessary, we need to test it regularly. This includes, among other things, training your staff as well as a concrete distribution of responsibilities.

The disruptions to business operations mentioned at the beginning are usually not foreseeable. But if you develop a strategy for such cases in advance, you can react quickly in the respective situation and continue your work quickly and safely. Together with you, we develop an individual strategy that fits your company and your internal processes.

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