OneBridge 2.0

OneBridge 2.0: Simply secure video communication

Only meeting in person is more personal: our video solution based on excellent Pexip technology for companies with complex requirements and critical use cases.


OneBridge 2.0

Many companies, institutions and government agencies are currently rethinking their communication platforms and the privacy controls they include for critical video meetings. Our European partner Pexip is recognized as a market leader in providing privacy-compliant and highly secure video solutions. The focus is on 100% data control and compliance.

The focus is on the content of your conversations and personal communication with your customers. Therefore, it is our goal that the technology runs smoothly in the background and both sides of the conversation can fully concentrate on the actual topic.

With Pexip, we provide organizations with a seamless video communication and user experience across all platforms and systems. Already in over 190 countries, employees and customers are delighted with the flexibility and data control.

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This is why companies choose Pexip

Private and secure collaboration

Companies can choose between several hosting models to meet compliance requirements. Pexip offers security for the highest demands.

Flexible participation from any device

Whether you join the meeting with a laptop, smartphone, phone or conference room system, you'll enjoy the same premium meeting experience.

Maximise your productivity

Your time is precious. Improve meeting efficiency with features to facilitate real-time collaboration, such as content sharing, chat, live broadcast and recording.

Video conferencing solutions for Microsoft Teams

For external, critical communication, we complement common software solutions such as Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams with Pexip. The Norwegian video collaboration solution can be natively integrated into the Microsoft Teams workflow. When scheduling meetings via Outlook, video conference dial-in details are automatically inserted.

Powerful video and audio quality.

Video conferencing with ultra-wideband audio and 1080p high-definition video reduces "video fatigue" and improves understanding by conveying every nuance of audio and video communication.

Focus on your conversation.

Thanks to real-time automatic image adjustments, the image can be optimally cropped, panned or tilted so you can maintain better eye contact and focus on the conversation. The result: pleasant, interactive and more productive meetings. Thanks to the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology, all participants in Pexip meetings meet on an equal footing.

Integrates with your tools and systems.

Integrating Pexip into tools and workflows you already use is simple and breaks down barriers so everyone can participate in meetings.


Maximum security standards guarantee the protection of your call content

Whether confidential details in mergers (M&A) or board meetings, sensitive health data or personal government information: Your protection is our top priority.

With Pexip, we offer our customers the highest level of security video conferencing solutions with encryption and security protocols based on industry standards.

  • DSGVO, GDPR & Schrems II compliance (Regulation EU 2016/679)
  • Certification acc. ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • OC2/SSAE16 compliant data centers
  • Compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Media-Traffic-encryption
  • Processing of service data in the European economic area

Up to military data security
  • JITC-certified
  • FIPS 140-2-compliant


Many companies use both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, but also want to continue using their professional conference room systems (SIP/H.323 devices).

Pexip uses CVI to break down the technical barriers between different solutions so you can attend the same conference. We call it "Interoperability - made easy".

The large API palette enables comprehensive and advanced integration of many services and tools such as PowerBI, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Exchange, Google Hangouts Meet, Call Control System, Cisco UCM, Cisco VCS or Polycom-DMA.


The familiar corporate design in the welcome screen of your virtual meeting room lets employees and guests know they are in the right place. We create a personalized solution for you that is entirely oriented towards your requirements.

With Pexip, you have the option of providing each employee with a personalized virtual meeting room (VMR). VMRs are available at any time for spontaneous meetings and collaboration. As with any Pexip session, participants can join via device or client of their choice.


Pexip is a fully scalable meeting platform, whether hosted on your premises, in one of our ISO-certified data centres or in the cloud.

Whether you choose a self-hosted solution or an as-a-service solution, we ensure that your call content and data are protected.

Available in the private cloud or on-premise, the self-hosted/managed solution is ideal for industries with compliance requirements, such as financial services, healthcare and government.


Video conferencing offers an environmentally friendly way to collaborate that reduces your operating costs in addition to your company's carbon footprint.

By integrating Pexip video communication into your organisation's daily operations, you reduce travel emissions and electronic waste, as well as network usage and much more.

The patented video platform offers the most efficient implementation of any Intel-based transcoding technology. For efficient data processing, Pexip uses intelligent scaling and data routing. Compared to alternative video conferencing solutions, numerous aspects ensure three to four times more effective use of network, CPU and power. This is reflected not least in cost savings for companies as well as a reduction in power supply.


Your IT specialists are relieved. We take responsibility and always keep an eye on the solution, your licences, server capacities of the hardware as well as the bandwidth of all call partners. As a reliable IT service provider, we take care of the operation and regular updates. We keep your application compatible and functional at all times, even when the environment changes.

What you do not have to worry about:

  • Possible uses of the solution (on-premise vs. cloud) & licensing concepts
  • PoC Services (Proof of Concept)
  • Worldwide installation and implementation of the Pexip solution
  • 24/7 Managed Services for the operation of the video solution
  • Proactive, continuous monitoring of video and UC technology
  • Proactive troubleshooting
  • Help Desk & technical Support
  • Installation of Softwareupdates
  • Reportings
  • Central address book management
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance contract management
  • etc

As a Pexip Gold Partner, we support you in the implementation of your projects. Talk to our sales team about the possibilities in your company!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simplified video communication across borders and platforms
  • Security & certification at the highest possible level for companies with critical call content
  • Allows 100% data control of media and metadata
  • Travel costs and related expenses are reduced
  • Video, audio and content conferences in absolute business quality
  • Industry-leading interoperability for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts Meet, WebRTC, audio and video conferencing systems
  • Technically unlimited scalability and capacity
  • Predictable and precisely calculable costs
  • Either as-a-service or self-hosted solution
  • Company-wide branding functions on all platforms
  • Up to 100 active participants in one meeting

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