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Hybrid working as part of the digital transformation

The pandemic has shifted our priorities and changed the way we work. In the area of digitalisation, the focus was initially more on procuring digital end devices and setting up remote access for employees to work from home from now on. In this way, flexible workplaces were created and working from the home office was made possible. In the meantime, hybrid working has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Studies support the clear trend towards cloud and hybrid workplaces. Companies often opt for the private cloud as a first step. Or they transfer their own hardware to an external data centre to operate it there within the framework of “colocation”. Now it is all the more important to adapt one’s own IT structures in such a way that this trend can continue in the future and is optimally supported by IT.

Hybrid Working Future Worn Sign in der Innenstadt / Hybrid Working Future Worn Sign in Downtown city setting

Hybrid working generates new data streams

Distributed workplaces create new demands on previously used applications. The data flows to and from the company are changing in terms of their mass, but even more so in terms of the direction of flow. Data security and the protection of one’s own infrastructure is taking on a whole new significance in companies, as systems and IT are opening up more and more.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are now facing a major challenge. The IT may have to be adapted not only in the application area, but also in the infrastructure. Securing the IT infrastructure requires both additional investments and employees who are familiar with the implementation in detail.

Hybrid working and the digital transformation are two topics that are related but involve different requirements for the IT infrastructure of the operating model.

Where do we want to start?

Under the guiding theme of „Hybrid Working“, we understand a continuous and integrated working environment with telephone, video and collaboration software. Applications such as contact centre solutions or reception centres are selected and integrated according to the circumstances and your most important requirements.

We discuss the following key questions with our clients to determine the strategy for distributed and hybrid working.

✅ How many employees are affected?

✅ Only internally or also externally?

✅ Are documents exchanged with external partners?

✅ Open video platform for external dial-in via SIP from other video systems?

✅ What size of working groups are expected?

✅ Which safety requirements must be met?

✅ How is security guaranteed beyond the boundaries of the company?

A closer look at your IT infrastructure

Under the guiding theme of „Digital Transformation“, we focus on the optimal setup of your IT infrastructure, be it on-prem, in the data centre, in a hybrid cloud or thanks to cloud computing, supplemented by backup and disaster recovery processes and systems. The specific requirements from your company are decisive for finding a solution. The chosen approach should be as flexible as possible and scalable in the future. Some data or systems you may not want to outsource for specific reasons. For other systems, it may make sense to set them up in an external data centre. This saves you the costs of setting up and operating your own data centre and gives you the option of scaling in terms of connections and space requirements. Depending on the application used, cloud connections may then also be necessary. In our data centres, hybrid and multi-cloud connections can also be realised without any problems.

Together with our customers, we get to the bottom of the following points and questions and create a customised feel-good solution in the process:

✅ Division of the IT infrastructure into On-prem / Data centre / Hybrid / Cloud

✅ Are your applications already cloud ready?

✅ Which compute resources (CPU/RAM/Storage) are required?

✅ Is there a location preference?

✅ What are your future growth plans?

The backup must not be missing either

To round off the topic, a backup plan and an archiving strategy must not be missing. These processes must not take place exclusively in a cloud and must be supplemented by local backups. If you have archives on tapes, it is possible to transfer them to online storage and then to a new, more flexible archive. The cloud as an archive is an option. As always, however, it must fit the company and its strategy and regulations.

Digital Transformation and hybrid working is our is our topic

weSystems supports companies of all sizes and industries in their digital transformation and helps them find the right path. Data centres already offer a high standard of security due to their infrastructure. weSystems also ensures that the IT security on the systems and applications is always up to date. The right equipment for your employees’ workstations in the home office, on the road and a correspondingly seamless transition to the office is of particular importance for efficient and motivated work. We live this model in our own company and have many tools ready for you. With integration into Cisco Webex or Microsoft platforms, we guarantee our customers a professional communication platform that makes hybrid working possible. And will continue to grow with you and your requirements in the future.

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