Intel DAOS: A new storage paradigm

Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS) is the foundation of the Intel Exascale Storage Stacks, overcoming the limitations of traditional distributed storage.

DAOS is currently recognized by specialists as the fastest, openly available storage technology on the market. DAOS already occupies 4 of the top 5 places and will revolutionize the future of the storage market. In its pure form, DAOS technology is at home in the supercomputer environment, but can also be used in the enterprise market with the services of weSystems.

An architecture for extreme scale storage

weSystems’ partner croit has taken up this open source technology and together with Intel created an innovative and commercially attractive solution for the enterprise market. This makes it possible to use this high-performance storage for many customer applications.

weSystems has already conducted the first live tests with its customers and was immediately able to present a performance that puts everything the customer has used so far in the shade.

Benefits of DAOS storage

✅ extremely low latencies (40 µs or less)
✅ extremely high I/O performance
✅ extremely high possible bandwidth
✅ highly available and redundant
✅ scalable from less than 100TB to many PBs

What offers weSystems?

weSystems provides a ready-to-use DAOS storage environment as a dedicated or shared cloud solution, depending on customer requirements. Our technicians take care of the setup and daily operation of the storage environment and advise you on the optimal use of the system.

DAOS in projects

For example, by intelligently linking to a virtualized computing environment in combination with GPU Computing, we can put together your individual platform to accelerate your AI or ML workloads.

Typical application areas for DAOS

  • High performance virtual servers
  • High performance private clouds
  • Research and development
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence (ML, AI)
  • High traffic databases (e.g. stock exchanges)
  • High Performance Computing tasks
  • Bioinformatics (e.g. sequencing DNA)

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