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Data backup has never been easier: Our Nextcloud storage solution for small businesses

With our Managed Cloud Storage Service, we have an excellent storage solution as an answer to many requirements. The name sounds spectacular at first, but it is actually quite simple.

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Storage & Backup 03, February 2022

Copying and storing huge amounts of data: Insights into the optimal technology

In this second blog, we will now go into a bit more technical depth and show which technologies we used to meet the requirements.

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UCC & Video Conferencing 12, January 2022

Increased customer experience and perfect efficiency through call center solution for Microsoft Teams

Many companies decide for voice-over-IP solutions with Microsoft Teams. And then quickly face the challenge of finding a flexible contact center solution for customer service.

This was exactly the case for our customer.

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Storage & Backup 07, December 2021

How copying and storing huge amounts of data becomes child’s play

Copying data securely from A to B is normally not witchcraft, but for many companies with very complex requirements it is still a real challenge.

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Container as a Service 09, November 2021

Advantage through Container as a Service (CaaS)

Stephan Bienek provides insight into the world of Container technology.

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Other 25, October 2021

What is an IT Solution Provider and why do you need one?

Alexander Monderkamp gets to the bottom of the question and dispels many prejudices.

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Other 25, October 2021

Hybrid working as part of the digital transformation

The pandemic has shifted our priorities and changed the way we work. In the area of digitalisation, the focus was initially more on procuring digital end devices and setting up remote access for employees to work from home from now on.

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Storage & Backup 21, October 2021

Intel® DAOS – High Performance Storage with fascinating test results

DAOS (Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage) is the latest and most powerful storage technology for high performance computing applications and a real competitive advantage.

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Storage & Backup 27, August 2021

Digital transformation in manufacturing SMEs

Working with a partner who has such a high level of expertise and understands the importance of such changes to your business is the best way forward.

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