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Other 11, March 2024

Reduce costs, increase performance: the switch to Managed Proxmox

In the world of IT infrastructure, numerous technologies have emerged in recent years to help companies use their resources more efficiently and respond more flexibly to change. One of these advanced tools is Proxmox, which is not only powerful but also a cost-effective solution for IT management.

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Computing 12, January 2024

More than just cloud: weSystems as a trailblazer for progress

In a world where cloud technology has revolutionized the way companies manage their IT infrastructures, features, automation and seamless connectivity have become critical key factors.

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Storage & Backup 12, September 2023

OVHcloud and weSystems enter into technology-based partnership

Munich, 12 September 2023 – OVHcloud, the leading European cloud provider, and weSystems, a managed IT provider operating across Europe, are entering into a technology-based partnership.

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Computing 20, August 2023

Case Study: How CloudStack enables us to develop tailored customer solutions

Read about how open source CloudStack enables us to build unique solutions solving unique requirements and challenges of our customers.

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Other 24, July 2023

The role of automation in IT: increasing efficiency and future potential

In an increasingly digitalised world, automation is playing an ever greater role. The IT industry is no exception.

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Computing 31, May 2023

Why more and more German companies are turning to German cloud providers

In recent years, there has been a remarkable shift in Germany’s cloud computing landscape. More and more German companies are choosing to migrate their data and applications to German clouds instead of relying on the large US hyperscalers.

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Storage & Backup 25, April 2023

Ceph and the advantages over other storage technologies

Ceph is a distributed storage technology known for its scalability, availability, flexibility, open source nature, cost efficiency and ease of management.

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Computing 17, March 2023

Why we chose Apache CloudStack and how it helps in customer projects

We rely on open source wherever possible. Even if it means a little more effort at the beginning, we are convinced that the advantages of open source outweigh the disadvantages in the long run. Open source is a true and transparent give and take, combined with a lot of passion from the community.

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FlexCompute GPU 25, October 2022

When every detail counts: Ultra-realistic business presentations for the perfect customer experience

Digital channels are playing an increasingly important role in the marketing mix. New solutions must inspire customers and users, meet the increased requirements and enable differentiation from the competition.

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