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Case Study: How CloudStack enables us to develop tailored customer solutions

In the fast-changing world of IT setup, being creative and adaptable is super important. Companies like weSystems really get this idea. We are specialized in IT setup, taking care of things like data storage, connections, and networks. Basically, we make sure that computers and data are organized in the best possible way using the latest technology.

Imagine we are like computer wizards who create super powerful computers and really safe places to keep information.

Here’s a cool example of what we did: We used something called Apache CloudStack to make a special kind of computer cloud. This cloud thing can do many tasks at the same time for different people, like having multiple apartments in a big building. And guess what? This cloud thing we made fit perfectly with our mission of helping people with their technology needs.

Adapting Solutions in the Age of Technology

The revolution brought by digital transformation has completely changed how businesses work and communicate. This comes with fresh problems that can only be solved with unique solutions. Stephan Bienek, who leads the Hosting team at weSystems AG, emphasizes the significance of creating personalized answers using open-source technology:

“Our job at weSystems is to develop customised solutions that support the process of digitalization and return customer focus to their business. We try to build on open-source where possible, even if it means we take a few more efforts in the beginning, we are convinced of the benefits of building on open-source in the long run.”

Energizing Sophisticated Solutions

The journey to put everything into action started with a Proof of Concept (PoC). This was like a trial phase to see how well CloudStack could work. It didn’t take long to realize that CloudStack was perfect for what we needed. The instructions were clear, setting it up was easy, and using it every day was smooth. Once the trial was successful, we went on to create a working area. At the same time, we focused on making things automated, developing tools, keeping track of how everything was used, and figuring out billing.

After testing and making changes as needed, our team found that CloudStack was really flexible. It helped us solve problems we did not expect to face. It easily fits with the other tech stuff we use, making everything work better and making the team more confident. We could make both standard and special virtual machines, and the way it looked and worked online was simple and clear. This made our team and customers like it a lot.

The wide range of virtual network types and features allows us and our customers to create complex virtual and hybrid solutions that target very specific and unique challenges. It is fantastic to deploy standard virtual machines and highly customized virtual machines at the same time” summarized Brian Nørgaard, Director Nordics at weSystems ApS.

Engaging with the Open-Source Community

As strong supporters of open-source software, weSystems see the importance of adding to the CloudStack environment. We get involved by suggesting new features, sharing their code with the open and clear codebase, and helping out the community. The big and enthusiastic CloudStack community is like a safety net, ready to help with any problems and questions.

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