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Ceph and the advantages over other storage technologies

Düsseldorf – 25.04.2023

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Alexander Monderkamp
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Ceph is a distributed storage technology known for its scalability, availability, flexibility, open source nature, cost efficiency and ease of management. Ceph is able to store and manage large amounts of data by distributing the data across many nodes in the cluster. This makes it an ideal storage solution for companies that need to deal with a growing amount of data.


Ceph is able to scale storage capacity horizontally by simply adding new nodes without overloading any single storage node. Ceph uses erasure coding technology to ensure that data is efficiently distributed across multiple nodes without the need to create redundant copies. This allows organisations to increase storage capacity without having to make expensive hardware upgrades.


Ceph is able to tolerate node or disk failures through replication and erasure coding, providing high availability and data integrity. Data is automatically replicated across multiple nodes to ensure that it remains available in the event of a node failure. In addition, Ceph can use erasure coding to distribute data across multiple nodes and protect it so that it is still available even if multiple nodes fail at the same time.


Ceph supports multiple storage access protocols, including block, file and object storage, making it a versatile storage solution. Block storage is commonly used for virtualisation and applications that require direct access to block devices. File storage is typically used for file sharing applications or as a network file system. Object storage is a scaling technology that can handle large amounts of unstructured data.

Open source

Ceph is open-source software, providing greater transparency and an active community to support and develop the technology. Open source software typically offers more security and stability as the community is constantly working to fix bugs and add features.

Cost efficiency

By using off-the-shelf hardware and being able to reuse it, Ceph allows organisations to reduce their storage costs. Ceph is a scalable storage solution that can run on standard hardware components, which means organisations do not need expensive proprietary hardware components.

Simple management

Ceph provides a simple and intuitive management interface that allows administrators to easily configure and manage storage. The management interface can be accessed via both the command line and a graphical user interface (GUI). This means that administrators can manage the storage quickly and efficiently without having to go through long training periods or education. Ceph’s management interface is also well documented, which means that administrators have a wealth of information at their disposal to make their work easier.


Executive Summary

Ceph is a powerful open source storage technology that helps organisations manage their data effectively and efficiently. With Ceph, companies can quickly and easily expand their storage capacity, keep their data available at all times and save costs at the same time. Ceph is a scalable, flexible and cost-effective storage solution that supports different storage types such as block-based, file-based and object-based storage. Companies can benefit from using Ceph in terms of scalability, availability, flexibility and cost efficiency. To successfully deploy Ceph in enterprises, companies need to ensure that their hardware, network architecture and storage requirements are compatible with Ceph, and have qualified personnel or external experts to successfully implement and manage Ceph.

About weSystems

weSystems specialises in helping companies optimise and expand their IT infrastructure. An important part of our services is setting up, managing and maintaining Ceph clusters for our customers.

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing and managing Ceph clusters to ensure that our customers get the most out of this powerful storage technology. We work closely with our customers to understand their storage requirements and create the optimal configuration for their specific needs.

As part of our Ceph cluster management service, we also provide our customers with ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure that their cluster systems are operating optimally at all times. We continuously monitor the performance, availability and security of the systems and ensure that all necessary updates and upgrades are carried out.

We also provide training and support to our customers to ensure they get the most out of their Ceph clusters. Our experts are always available to our customers to answer any questions and solve problems quickly and effectively.

By working with weSystems, organisations can be confident that they are meeting their storage needs effectively and efficiently without having to worry about setting up, managing and maintaining Ceph Clusters. We provide our customers with a reliable and scalable solution that meets their needs and helps them achieve their goals.

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