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Data backup has never been easier: Our Nextcloud storage solution for small businesses

Düsseldorf – 28.07.2022

Picture Alexander Monderkamp

Alexander Monderkamp
Key Account Manager

With our Managed Cloud Storage Service, we have an excellent storage solution as an answer to many requirements. The name sounds spectacular at first, but it is actually quite simple.

A company with about 30 employees used to store customer and project data locally on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) in their own office. It describes its problem like this:

  • The hard drives of the storage system are running full. A long-term decision has to be made
  • Storage & Backup sync on another NAS at a different location take a lot of time
  • Uncertainty, because in case of fire or burglary the current data is gone
  • The company does not want to worry about the “IT stuff” in the future, but wants to focus fully on the core business

With our Managed Cloud Storage Service, we rely on a combination of Nextcloud and our own S3 object storage as well as backup storage in a second data centre. The storage is based on a highly available storage cluster in one location.

Our cloud storage can be used via the web client as well as Nextcloud client applications and, for example, can be mounted as a drive in MacOS similar to the OneDrive OnDemand Sync.

The solution meets all the requirements placed on the new storage system:

simple. User interface for user management.

accessible. Employees have access from anywhere in the world.

secure. Stored in European ISO 27001 certified data centre.

available. Fail-safe cloud infrastructure.

scalable. Up to several petabytes (PB) possible.

In addition, our service offers the option of creating various customer or project folders and storing large files there that would otherwise be sent by e-mail. Only a link is then sent by e-mail, which the customer can use to download the corresponding file. After editing, the client can upload the revised file to the project folder.

In this way, we have slain several challenges at once! 💪 It provides a breath of fresh air, replaces outdated processes and technology and increases the efficiency of the organisation without affecting the core business.

If you have similar data backup requirements in your company or simply want to make sure that data is stored in Germany, feel free to get in touch. An email to is just as easy to use as our storage solution.

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