Video Conferencing

OneBridge 2.0: Your bridge to professional Video-Meetings

Meeting in person is easier: video conferencing according to your requirements.


Video Conferencing

You have a video terminal that is connected to the Internet and SIP-capable? Good, because that's all you need to participate in high-quality video conferences. OneBridge 2.0 from weSystems boosts your communication with employees, partners and customers - no matter where you or your counterpart are located.

Nothing strengthens a team like a lively exchange where you can also see each other. We provide you with all the tools you need for this - intuitively operated, with the greatest comfort and optimal interoperability. Our OneBridge 2.0 conference and collaboration platform integrates seamlessly into your working environment and connects with the tools you already use. And even if a conference participant doesn't have an internet connection at the moment, he or she can easily dial in via the normal telephone network.

Video conferencing detail pages:

Meeting rooms - always enough, always the right size

The days when meetings had to be postponed because there was no meeting room available or when many people were squeezed into a conference room that was too small are gone. With OneBridge 2.0 you have your own meeting room for up to 100 participants at any time.

And how do the participants get into conversation with you? Just as they like. Because all it takes is a click on a link. The video conference can take place entirely in the browser - without downloading a special app or plug-in. But there is also a free app for PCs, tablets and smartphones available for download. And those who already work with Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex can integrate their meetings seamlessly into these tools.

Video meetings with OneBridge 2.0: spontaneous or planned in advance

You can meet with your team "on demand" in a meeting room or arrange a fixed appointment with partners and customers and send automated invitations by e-mail in advance. An Outlook plug-in is available for convenient appointment finding. For productive collaboration, you can then play presentations, share your screen and exchange information in chat to reach decisions interactively and quickly.

weSystems can quickly equip you and your team with all the possibilities that OneBridge 2.0 has to offer. We are also happy to equip your physical conference rooms in your company with state-of-the-art technology for video meetings - fully compatible with Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex. And afterwards, we are happy to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week with personal service and fast support.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • With OneBridge 2.0 you get the complete solution for productive video conferences in HD quality.
  • You always have the necessary number of virtual meeting rooms at your disposal
  • Anyone can dial in - regardless of the end device and regardless of where. Also by telephone
  • All you need to participate is a browser - without downloading additional software
  • A free app is nevertheless available for download for your device
  • Convenient content sharing simplifies collaboration
  • OneBridge 2.0 fully integrates with tools like Microsoft Teams and GoogleMeet
  • We equip your physical conference rooms with hardware for video meetings
  • We ensure maximum availability and offer personal service

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